Peggy O'Connell


  • "The Board of Directors of Personal PAC, Illinois' leading pro-choice political organization endorse Margaret O'Connell in her upcoming March 17, 2020 primary election"

  • "As a DuPage County Board member, I think it's important to know and support the candidates who are running to join me in the DuPage county government. This election cycle I am supporting many of the candidates running for Circuit Court Judge.I am happy to endorse Peggy O'Connell in her race. She has the experience and compassion to fill this role competently and I am happy to endorse her!"

    -Sheila Rutledge, DuPage County District 6 Board

  • "Peggy is smart, compassionate, caring and has a great sense of humor. She has all the qualities it takes to be a fair judge. Peggy is a respected lawyer. She was awarded the inspirationals Woman Award from the DuPage County Women's Lawyers Association and she is the current Vice President of the DuPage County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. I am proud to support Margaret Peggy O'Connell for Circuit Court Judge."

    -Liz Chaplin, DuPage County District 2 Board

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    You'll be a great circuit court judge!

    -Billy Krause

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    So happy to support you!

    -Liz Galgano Chaplin

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    You my friend will make an excellent Judge!!!

    -Sheilagh Kelly Lien

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    We need the good ones like you in these positions!

    -Diane Barnes

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    Very supportive of this highly qualified woman!!

    -Gloria Knapp Colgan

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    A classy and intelligent woman who is extremely qualified for the position of Circuit Court Judge

    -Bernadette Barrett


Register to Vote

In order to fully support Margaret Peggy O’Connell’s campaign, you must first register to vote. The PDF below is a comprehensive guide on the registration process to vote for the next circuit court judge.

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